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        Logistics Brazil




        skf | Logistics Company

        SKF Logistics Services Brazil is located in S?o Paulo, South-East of Brazil close to one of the most economical active regions and with the best infrastructure in terms of roads, ports and airports.

        SKF has a reputation for manufacturing high quality bearings. Most of our bearing and seal products are described in the SKF Interactive Engineering Catalogue. Information about other products may be included in other SKF websites. The left hand menu guides you to the right starting point.

        You can find online tools for product selection, and installation and maintenance in the library.

        Products for specific industries and applications

        If you are looking for a product for a certain industry or application (for example a seal for a slurry pump), go to industries. This is a way to find the product and service solutions specific to your needs.

        The SKF services portfolio

        If you are looking for advice and services in the areas of engineering consultancy, logistics, asset management, condition monitoring, mechanical maintenance, remanufacturing, or training, go to services.
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