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        Logistics Brazil




        GAC | Logistics Company

        Brazil is Latin America´s largest economy, with extensive and highly developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors. Brazilian exports are booming, and the country is considered one of the four major emerging economies that make up the BRIC group (along with Russia, India & China). 

        GAC Brazil's experienced teams in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo collaboratively liaise with a network of approved sub-agents to offer a wide range of ship agency services, husbandry services, crew changes, and medical assistance and provisions at all Brazilian ports. We are also an important link in the GAC Marine Logistics chain providing specialized ship spares logistics to vessels calling at South American ports.

        The company also provides a comprehensive package of specialist logistics services to a broad range of international clients in the country's consumer goods, marine, pharmaceutical, automobile, electronic, petro-chemical and oil and gas sectors.
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