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        Logistics Brazil




        DC LOGISTICS BRASIL | Logistics Company

        To build solutions in transport scheduling and logistics for international commerce from Brazil to the world. With a pro-active attitude and global thinking to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

        The principle of a good partnership starts with the experience acquired by the parties involved. And in its trajectory, which began in 1994, DC Logistics Brasil consolidated itself performing in logistics management of international transportation.
        With a network of agents, we offer a global service, with proactive follow-up, flexibility regarding customer requirements and online tools to follow up cargos. DC proposes differentiated solutions, working on a domestic scale with its own units in Itajaí (SC), Curitiba (PR), S?o Paulo (SP), Manaus (AM), Porto Alegre (RS), Campinas (SP) and Vitória (ES). This makes us more agile and leads to important connections between the main domestic and international logistic areas.
        Our professionals are skilled in managing terms, costs and quality and committed to socioenvironmental activities. If your company requires efficient logistics, come and do business with people who know the best ways. You can count upon DC Logistics Brasil.
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