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        Logistics Brazil

        What we offer
        Advertise your company through our specialized international business guide of Logistics in Brazil.
        Our portal is part of the most powerful WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS NETWORK.

        • High traffic - high position at Google.com & Google.de
        • 1st page results in many keywords, such us: 
          > logistics brazil
          > brazil logistics
          > logistics in brazil
          > transportation companies in Brazil
          > brazilian logistics companies
          > warehousing brazil

        • Qualitative and aesthetic presentation
        • Easy and quick search by category and city
        • High quality presentation for companies
        • Strengthen your corporate Web Site, due your advertisement in a high evaluation by Google web guide (PageRank)
        Basic Package

        Page 1: Profile:

        Company's logo
        Description of company
        One photo

        Page 2: Services:

        Full Description

        Page 3: Contact:

        Business Name & Contact Person
        Address- Telephone number- Fax - e-mail
        Link to Official Website

        Six (6) month subscription Fee: 180 Euro
        SPECIAL annual (1 year) subscription Fee: 280 Euro
        Advertising Banners
        Buy advertising banners for Branding and Direct Sales, on local business (current web site) or to our network's web sites.

        Price List for one Web Site:
        Banner Size Period of Time Cost
        195x90 pixels 6 months 180 Euro
        195x90 pixels Special for 1 year 295 Euro
        195x180 pixels 6 months 340 Euro
        195x180 pixels Special for 1 year 590 Euro
        Special Advantages
        Our directory offers first place (1st) listing for a 3 month period at a cost of 140 Euro.

        Also along with your company’s listing in our logistics Brazil directory, your company may also be listed in our directories : shipcargo.org and cargotransportation.net at a cost of 95 Euro per directory. 

        (Even though under construction, both sites appear on the first page of Google)

        If you wish to advertise, kindly do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to assist you in any further clarifications & pricing  that may be required. 
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