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        Logistics Brazil



        Prompt Brazil logistics

        Prompt Brazil logistics | Logistics Company

        We offer consolidated air shipping to the main airports of Brazil. It ensures that the shipments get to their destination safely and quickly at a very competitive rate. Prompt  Brazil is always very focused to the needs of its customers and the particularitities of each region.

        Thank you for your interest in knowing Prompt Brazil. In our first contact I want to open the doors of Brazil for your company. I want to show because Prompt is different from the other freight forwarder in Brazil. We are different because we worked for our agents. Our success is well to assist our agents and to represent them here with quality and speed in Brazil. Little by little I will show you because we will make a success partnership between Brazil and your country.
        Good prices, swift delivery terms and a special attention mark the difference: Prompt Brazil will guarantee the caring of your sea freight with quality and reliability.
        We have contracts with domestic companies for your cargo transport. The customized services of these companies make it possible to offer express shipment for small loads or containers, reducing the delivery time significantly.
        You will contract something more that the transport of your goods; the tranquillity of a well-done job, with the customs procedures faultlessly executed which will doubtless revert in a substantial costs savings, coupled with the guarantee and reliability of an impeccable implementation.
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