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        Logistics Brazil



        Logistics fair Brazil

        Logistics fair Brazil | Logistics Company

        You will meet users, consultants, integrators and everyone involved in the 
        purchase of technology, products and services.
        In other words: the people who are important to your business!

        MOVIMAT offers a comprehensive showcase of development and trends
        in material flow control and management. This exhibition puts together all products
        services related to intralogistics, manufacturing, alternatives and presents them
        conveniently all in one place.

        The Brazilian economy has had its share of volatility since its accelerated industrialization after World War II. Decades of solid growth and expansion were followed by stagnation and decline. However, since Fernando Henrique Cardoso, a center-right reformist, took office as president of Brazil in 1994 and introduced the comprehensive economic recovery project, "Plano Real" including a new currency, things have turned around. In 1999, amid a stream of capital outflows, a recession and increased unemployment, the Brazilian government had to face the hard choice to devalue its currency, the Real. While Brazilians lost significant purchasing power relative to their former dollar-pegged currency, the country increased its competitiveness for exports, and jobs were created rapidly. Unlike many of their Latin American peers who sought refuge in the U.S. dollar during times of crisis, Brazilians adopted the new devalued Real and the economy carried on.
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