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        Logistics Brazil


        Logistics Companies:


        This industry-leading site gives contact details for 35,000 global air cargo companies including 24,000 freight forwarders and 1700 airports.


        To build solutions in transport scheduling and logistics for international commerce from Brazil to the world. With a pro-active attitude and global thinking to satisfy the requirements of our clients.


        Our research, development and realisation helps companies to be fit for the internal and external logistic challenges


        Brazil is Latin America´s largest economy, with extensive and highly developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors. Brazilian exports are booming, and the country is considered one of the four major emerging economies that make up the BRIC group (along with Russia, India & China). 


        The company has been operating since 1956, starting out with the transportation, of heavy cargoes.

        Logistics fair Brazil

        You will meet users, consultants, integrators and everyone involved in the 
        purchase of technology, products and services.
        In other words: the people who are important to your business!

        Prompt Brazil logistics

        We offer consolidated air shipping to the main airports of Brazil. It ensures that the shipments get to their destination safely and quickly at a very competitive rate. Prompt  Brazil is always very focused to the needs of its customers and the particularitities of each region.


        SKF Logistics Services Brazil is located in S?o Paulo, South-East of Brazil close to one of the most economical active regions and with the best infrastructure in terms of roads, ports and airports.
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